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Fishery industries occupy an important role in the economy of Kerala.  The state exports fish products worth approximately Rupees 1,200 Crores and has domestic sales worth Rupees 600 crore annually, accounting for roughly three per cent of the state revenue.   Kerala’s share in the national marine fish production is about 20 to 25% and in marine fish exports is about 20%.

The fishermen population in Kerala is estimated to be approximately 9 Lakh living in more than 1,00,000 households in 222 villages along the coastline of Kerala.  The fishermen community form one of the poorest sections of the population.  Lack of proper infrastructure facilities causes these regions and communities to live in relative isolation from the mainstream.  The total registered fishing fleet in the state consists of about 5,504 mechanised fishing vessels and 50,000 traditional crafts.  Among the traditional crafts, 20,000 crafts are motorised.

A brief outline of the fishery details of Kerala state is given below

  • 590 Kms Coastline
  • 222 Fishermen Villages
  • 9.00 Lakh Fishermen Population
  • 1.31 Lakh Fishermen Families
  • 5,504 Registered Mechanised Crafts
  • 23,673 Registered Traditional Crafts
  • About 6.00 Lakh Metric Tonnes Marine Fish Production
  • About 20 - 25% Share in India’s Total Marine Fish Production




















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