I-ProMISe (Integrated Project Monitoring and Information Service) is a web based system for project monitoring and information needs of the Harbour Engineering Department, Government of Kerala, developed by Information Technology/e-Governance Cell of Harbour Engineering Department.

The application will helps to generate consolidated monthly Progress report of works both physical & financial online and the same can be submitted to government as well as to various external agencies.


It includes different modules like project information module, project monitoring module, review meeting module, library management and blog modules.  Each module helps easing up the office work flow with their distinctive characteristics.  While project information module holds the vast database of all projects related details like administrative sanction, technical sanction, agreement details, upto date physical and financial status, location mapping, etc, project monitoring module helps to monitor each project progress and based on the observations the review meeting module helps the head of office to keep track of all projects and helps to take timely and appropriate decision during the monthly plan progress review meetings.

The web based application can be accessed by user from anywhere at any time and through any device with internet connectivity provides access to the knowledge repository as and when the user needed.  Public and stake holders can also track required details of a work by the work ID provided..  As the department is growing, the numbers of projects being handled under various funding schemes are also increasing. With the growing business, the effectiveness of this application in handling large volume of work is being undoubtedly appreciated by its users.

Apart from these features, blog module of i-ProMISe provides an interactive and informative platform where common issues of interest can be introduced, discussed and finalised. Library management module helps to manage our book shelf as we have a collection of technical books of reputed authors, standard designs, project reports, model study report and environmental impact assessment study reports, survey charts, manuals, publications, etc, for future reference.  The locating, tracking, issuing and safe return of each of these valuable collection is ensured by the module.


















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